Etsu honors college thesis

ETSU names 2016 Midway Honors Scholars

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etsu honors college thesis

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a completed ETSU Undergraduate Honors Thesis Availability Agreement and Non-Exclusive Distribution License to the Honors College Program Director. Validity and authenticity of submitted content is the sole responsibility of the author.

Etsu honors college thesis proposal

East Tennessee State University’s Honors College has selected the Midway Honors Scholars, who are recognized as exceptional students transferring to. An approved Senior Honors Thesis that has been orally presented in public is required for graduation as a Math Honors student from East Tennessee State University.

ENROLLMENT Typically, the Senior Honors Thesis is a year-long project for which the student enrolls for three hours credit during the last semester of the senior year. All honors students can take advantage of Washington internships coordinated by the honors office, and can participate in international study, also through the honors college.

Honors students at ETSU also have the option of living on the sixth floor of Governors Hall, new in The mission of the Honors College at East Tennessee State University is to provide access to honors-distinctive academic, creative, and enrichment opportunities for a broad spectrum of qualified students and to provide recognition for undergraduate students who excel in distinct areas of academic achievement.

Honors Thesis in the student. honors college thesis proposal form Each student will submit an investigation proposal for approval and also the approval process varies one of the academic units and upper-division honors programs. If you’re taking part in a maximum-division, major-specific honors program on campus, inquire if there’s a thesis proposal form that you ought to .

Etsu honors college thesis
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ETSU Math Honors Thesis