Overpowering guilt

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Freedom From Guilt And Shame By Pete Briscoe

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With guilt overpowering me every time I withdrew from my self-invalidation and chose to prioritize myself. I was burning myself out, sacrificing my life for others.

Not because they demanded it but because I was convinced it was necessary to be accepted. Guilt leaves the zone of ostracism, disgust, and devaluing to the emotion of shame, as guilt adds on the more damming layer of condemnation, judgement, punishment.

Guilt brings us the wound of character assassination, an inner court where we turn on ourselves like prosecuting attorneys, to prove not just how shameful we are, but worse; how we are bad, wrong, immoral, sinful, hideous, carnal, dishonest.

Steps 8 and 9 go together, like 4 and 5 or 6 and 7. With each of these pairs, first we look inward, then we act outward.

First we engage with ourselves, then we engage with the people around us. This is the serious stuff, the guilt and shame that's so overpowering that it lays you flat and you don't do anything proactive for your recovery. If this is what you're carrying around with you, it may be appropriate for you to consider getting some additional help in the form of counseling.

The stew of guilt and anger, shame and misery can be totally overpowering. So I turn away. I curl into myself, cut myself off emotionally. I know it’s not a healthy coping mechanism. But at times, it’s the only one I manage. Emotional Withdrawal is A Learned Behavior.

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What one gets is a Southern goth turn then of Edgar Allan Poe's "Telltale Heart" wherein overpowering guilt leads to the slow deterioration of our suspected bad 71%.

Overpowering guilt
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